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Dinner Church

Dinner? And Church?


Dinner imagesChurch is a fresh expression of an original idea. Its church the way Jesus did it. Here it is in a nutshell:

Saints and Sinners sharing a meal talking about Jesus, Jesus shows up.

That’s it!


If you want to serve Christ, but are not sure about how to go forward, read through the Gospels and notice how many times Jesus, taught the Kingdom of God surrounding a meal with his followers alongside his detractors. Of course, he went to Synagogue every Sabbath, but also he ministered on the other days of the week in the context of a meal with the broken, lost, poor, maimed, blind and those unable to pay back. Luke 14 gives a great story about God’s Great Banquet…look it up!


Jesus, in Matthew 25, made it clear: those who are serving him are his, and those refusing to are not his—not that salvation is earned, but that serving him is a natural growth step of a follower of Jesus.


Time Commitment

Dinner Church is a weekly event (coming in September 2019)

Here is the schedule

1PM   Team meeting

1:30    Prepare food and site

5         Open doors

5:30    Let’s eat! See God show up!

6         Jesus art/ movie clip/ story/ clean up/  talk!

6:30    Head home!


Woah! How often?

Once or twice a month...

In light of what Jesus calls his followers to, volunteering once or twice a month in publically following Jesus is living the Great Commision

Church was done in the context of Dinner during the years of Jesus’ ministry on earth and for 300 additional years...until Christianity, under Constantine, the Roman Emperor, Became the official religion of the Roman Empire. At that time the “order of service” changed to our present-day presentation model of church.

We aren’t giving that up, but adding a new church for the lost among us within our walls—Dinner Church!


Let’s minister they way Jesus did: Saints and Sinners sharing a meal together talking about God


VOLUNTEER by emailing: pastormikestallings@gmail.com